Massage Parties

Book a Massage Party or add chair massage to your next event!

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Massage Party

  • Great for parties of around 10-12 people.
  • Chair Massages are $1/minute per guest.
  • Suggested 10-30 mins max per guest to allow time for all guests.
  • The Chair Massage Party Host receives a complimentary 10 minute chair massage for booking the party!
Book a Massage Party

Wedding Party

  • Chair massage can include the Bridal party and Grooms party on the day of the wedding.
  • Reduce stress and tension for the big day and feel relaxed for your wedding!
  • Parties of up to 10 will include 2 therapists. We can provide chair massages for only up to 20 people total.
  • A special Massage Spa Day prior to or after the the wedding festivities can also be arranged larger Wedding Parties.

$ 70 per Hour for each Massage Therapist. Price includes travel in the Philadelphia area. Please Contact Me for further details if travel exceeds PA.

Book a Wedding Massage Party

Ladies Night In Party

  • Have a Massage party to melt the stress away.
  • Leave the kids at home, enjoy some time for yourself and your best friends to relax and refresh.
  • Great for parties of 10-12 ladies/guests.
  • Chair massages are $1/minute per guest.
  • Suggested 10-30 mins max per guest to allow time for all guests.

Planning a ladies night out soon? Switch it up with a ladies not in massage party! Get together with your friends at the house with some relaxing chair massage.

Book a Ladies Night In Massage Party

I offer Massage Parties for those who love massages, or those who are new to massage and would like a way to be introduced in a way that is comfortable, affordable and relaxing. I also bring my massage chair to your event whether a Wedding Party Day, Ladies Night In, Corporate In Office Visits, or gatherings such as an Open House for your place of business.

In home Massage Parties can range from 6-10 people per massage therapist, offering relaxation and energizing massage.

I have a small team of Massage Therapists also available for larger parties of 15 people and more. It is recommended to have a free room available to setup my chair, which is much smaller than setting up my massage table. Massage table parties available upon request!